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Verona Ceramics Festival

I am very proud to participate in this event that I and other Veronese ceramists were able to organize.

The second edition of the Verona Ceramics Festival will be held on 26/27 September 2020, you can use the form at this address. The Festival will take place between the squares of San Zeno, Corrubio and Pozza from 9:00 at 20:00. Entry will be free.

In the city of Verona there have been several realities of artistic ceramic craftsmanship for several years now. The ceramists who represent them have contributed to the development and knowledge of the world of ceramics, also through a widespread diffusion of courses in different districts of the city; the growing interest has led to organize an event aimed at giving further impetus to the spread of ceramic culture understood as Keramos which in Greek means the art of clay working.

The Verona Ceramics Festival represents a great opportunity for fifty Italian ceramic masters to exhibit their works in the heart of the Scaliger city between Piazza Pozza and Piazza Corrubbio in San Zeno.  

List of exhibitors at the Verona ceramic festival 2020
List of exhibitors at the Verona ceramic festival 2020

The Festival wants to become a moment of enhancement of the city, as well as an important tourist and commercial vehicle for fans of the world of ceramics.  

They will be exhibited for sale ceramic products modeled and made with different processing techniques selected according to criteria of aesthetics, professionalism and originality, of exclusive production of the participating ceramists, intended for furniture, table and person.

This event, organized in collaboration with the ceramic art association “Arte della Ceramica”, aims to be an opportunity for sale but also a convivial moment of aggregation, exchange and comparison between ceramists of different origins. The market is based on the assumption of quality and creativity. It is proposed to promote the clay work to the public in a cultural and pedagogical perspective, and to demonstrate the professionalism of the participants for the quality and diversity of the works presented.

About 50 craftsmen and artists of contemporary ceramics will be present.

The Academy of Fine Arts of Verona will be present with their own performances.

At the same time, we will kick off the celebrations for the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death with a collective exhibition inside the Giustizia Vecchia gallery, located near the event, in Piazza S. Zeno. Furthermore, spaces of activity open to citizens conducted by the organizers will be prepared.

e-mail of the Verona Ceramics Festival Committee: festivaldellaceramica.verona@gmail.com

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