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Swings in the park (B)

The chain was ashamed of itself.
“Here – he thought – everyone dodges me and they are right: people love freedom and hate chains.”
A man passed by, took the chain, climbed a tree, tied its ends to a sturdy branch and made a swing for his children. Now the chain is used to make that man’s children fly high, and she is very happy.
(Gianni Rodari)

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    When the children are at school, someone in the park takes advantage of the free swings …

    The swing really rocks and you can see an example here.


    For these frames, which can be hung or placed only, I have combined raku ceramic, wood and wire.

    The birds are modeled by hand with semi-refractory white clay and cooked for the first time at 1000 degrees. They are then glazed with a brush and subjected to the particular and ancient raku cooking process that makes them unique with the cracks designed by the smoke of the oxidation process.

    After a careful cleaning of the sawdust and the external traces of smoke due to the cooking of some birds, I applied hand-made legs in wire and then “sitting” them on the swing made with a real branch.

    The swing is then inserted in a frame, also handcrafted, the reclaimed wood with 45 degree cut and smoothed.

    This creation is composed of 4 birds its measures are: cm. 19×19 the depth is cm. 5

    To hang it just a simple nail in the wall, it does not require a hanger.

    Maintenance: dust the object with a cloth and a small brush.

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