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Small houses

My home, my heart, never closed.
Let the birds pass,
friends, love and air.
(Marcos Ana)

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    A necklace for those who cultivate their inner child, a country life necklace, a necklace for those who do not like trends but only respond to their hearts!


    With a sheet of stoneware I shaped the little house / nest and then I modeled the small bird that lives there by hand.

    The decoration is done with engobes and oxides, shiny effect for the house and opaque for the bird.

    Final cooking in an electric oven at 1220 degrees.

    Every metal part used is made of brass.

    The chain is made of excellent quality nickel-free brass and is a total length of cm. 56

    The pendant (small house plus bird) is cm long. 9

    The house measures cm. 4×4

    On the apex of the house there are a brass and a Bohemia glass flower, a small crystal is placed at the end of the chain as an additional, two other crystals simulate the bird’s legs, small but important details that make the difference.

    The whole necklace weighs 23.00 grams

    Maintenance: the necklace can be washed with soap and water.

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