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To every bird its nest is beautiful!


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If you love asymmetrical and definitely original earrings, you have found the right one for you!


I make these earrings starting from a stoneware mixture with very fine chamotte, this will make them resistant and light.

The house is built starting from a thin sheet of clay while the bird is modeled by hand.

After the first firing at 1000 degrees, the parts are glazed with a brush and subjected to the particular and ancient raku cooking process that makes them unique with the crackles designed by the smoke of the oxidation process and the beautiful reflections of the metal oxides.

The earrings are assembled with high quality brass metal parts and guaranteed without nickel.

Precious details are added with Bohemia glass flowers and leaves.

Color: yellow ocher house – gold bird


Small house cm. 3×2.5 – total length of the earring (hook included) cm. 6 – weight gr. 4

Bird cm. 3×1.5 – total length of the earring (hook included) cm. 5,5 – weight gr. 6


Maintenance: it is possible to wash the earrings with soap and water.


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The product is carefully packed and placed in a double box.

Shipping the ceramics is particularly demanding, I want your purchases to arrive safely at your home, so I dedicate a lot of time and material to their packaging. Thanks for your understanding.


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Volo a casa! Orecchini asimmetrici in ceramica raku con casetta e uccellino
I fly home
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