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Dimore Lamp

Small inhabitants.

“… they capture the sun’s energy and transform it into a vital substance.
They are the trees, breath of life. “

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    “Silent Guardians of LIFE
    they are rooted in the EARTH in a silent embrace.
    They give shelter and STAY to a thousand creatures, without asking for anything in return.
    They capture the sun’s energy and transform it into a vital substance.
    They are the trees, breath of life.

    Since I was a child I have wanted a tree house and now I know why,
    I want to breathe with them and feed on their stories. ”


    For the realization of these lamps, completely handmade, it was necessary to use different techniques and materials.

    The base of the lamp, depicting the tree trunk, is made of stoneware with the Colombino technique, the decoration is done with self-produced engobes. The lamp is decorated with a small house and twenty hearts in different sizes hanging from bamboo branches, all in stoneware, handmade without molds.

    Final cooking in an electric oven at 1220 degrees.

    For the branches of the tree, the choice fell on bamboo, resistant and flexible, it proved to be the right choice to guarantee lightness and strength to the foliage. The branches were incorporated into a specially made transparent resin base.

    The base that holds the bamboo branches, as previously described, is made of transparent resin and creates a sort of pressure “cap” that allows you to open the lamp to replace the bulb (4W E14 LED light provided).

    These are the overall dimensions: total height cm. 75 – lamp base diameter cm. 16 – the only “trunk” vase is cm. 24

    Maintenance: dust the object with a cloth and a small brush.


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