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Christmas in the Baroque palaces

Christmas in the Baroque Palaces in Ala on the weekend of 14/15 December. Palazzo Pizzini, one of the beautiful Baroque palaces in the city will host me for two days. The Christmas edition in the Baroque Palaces 2019 proposes, in the name of Ala’s historical identity, the renewed encounter between craftsmanship, music and architecture in a fascinating and unusual Christmas experience of Baroque inspiration, with lights, sounds and images, entertainment and events. Among the numerous events proposed, in collaboration with the cultural realities of Ala, we point out the new space dedicated to young visitors, as well as the protagonists of Christmas. Palazzo Malfatti Scherer in via Nuova welcomes children with themed workshops, the room of Santa Claus and the playground, while the concert hall of Palazzo Pizzini hosts theatrical performances for the family from 3 years upwards. Ala, the City of Velvet, with its Christmas in the Baroque palaces tells and revives an atmosphere of the past. The buildings will be open to the public from 10.00 to 19.00 You will also find food and wine specialties that will satisfy your appetite which, with the cold, is known to increase! We are now at the gates of Christmas and we all want to choose a gift for our loved ones that is original and unique, for this reason choosing a handmade product can really be the right solution and small craftsmen like me will be grateful to you. If you want more information click here So I’m waiting for you with my ceramics and some Christmas novelties, I’m in the oven just as I’m writing …

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